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The Dip Davis Cowl Latch STC gives you the authority to install one set of Dip Davis Cowl Latches on one specific Cessna 120, 140, 140A, 170, 170A or 170B. This is a one time use STC, is N number specific and is NOT transferable.

The STC includes new cowl latches, paperwork and installation instructions for the install.

The cost is US$250 per set of four (4) Wing type fasteners

and only US$230 per set of four (4) Phillips head OR Slotted head fasteners and is postpaid.

After you submit the order form, you can either send a check for the STC or pay using paypal. If you are from Canada, we request payment be either PayPal or International Money Order. Directions for payment will also appear after the form has been submitted.

STC Kit Contents
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